Infinity Composition Prelude P-FR loudspeaker System

Sidebar 1: System

I auditioned the Composition system as an entire Home Theater package (with the matching center-channel and surround loudspeakers) with three A/V receivers and one A/V amplifier: the Onkyo TX-SV919THX, Yamaha RX-V590, Pioneer VSX-D704S, and the Arcam Xeta One, respectively. For pure music-listening, I drove the Preludes in my music room with Audio Research VT150 tubed monoblock power amplifiers and an Audio Research LS5 Mk.II preamp.

The digital front-end was a Mark Levinson No.31 Reference CD transport feeding the Spectral SDR-2000 Pro processor (HDCD-equipped) via the excellent new Kimber/Illuminati coaxial interconnect. LPs were played on a highly modified Well Tempered Turntable and WTA, fitted with an AudioQuest AQ7000nsx cartridge. The WTA has undergone a total rebuild by Lary Pederson, which dramatically improved the musical performance of this already excellent arm. A Marigo Well-Damped Arm Clamp, Marigo Suspension System, Marigo Mat, and other tweaks further improved the sound of the analog front-end. The turntable sits on a 350-lb, lead-shot–filled Merrill Stable Table. The phono preamp was the unsurpassed Vendetta Research SCP-2B connected with Monster Sigma and Magnan Type V interconnect. Other interconnects were AudioQuest Lapis and Diamond x3, and loudspeaker cables were AudioQuest Dragon II.

Most of my listening time was, however, with the Cary CAD-300SEI single-ended tubed amplifier with the same source components and interconnects.—Robert Harley

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