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Ash Telecaster
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Hello from Ohio

Hi everybody,

New to the Forum. I have a few audio systems. None are really audiophile grade although I have a few interesting pieces. I am a musician and most my resources have gone into that endevour including a home recording studio.

My home entertainment system is built around an HTPC I put together myself running Jriver. The receiver is a Pioneer VSX-1017txv and the stereo mains are Pioneer ST-500's. It is satisfactory gear for casual use.

I have an old school system with a pair of original ar3's, a Duel 506 turntable, and a Technics sa-500 receiver.

The studio is built around a home brew pc running Reaper DAW, a Fucusrite Pro 40 and OCTAPRE, QSC rmx2450 amps and Jbl MPro mains. I also have Yamaha msp7 studio monitors, which are great, and a Furman headphone distribution system.

I also have a Schiit stack: Magni, Loki, modi with Sennheiser HD650 and Beyerdynamic Dt990 Pro headphones. The transport for that system is a Sony ubp-x800 which I use the flash drive to play flac files.

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