Happy New Year - a Little Early!

We're celebrating the imminent arrival of our January 2017 issue, chock full of great stuff. MartinLogan's superb Renaissance ESL15A electrostatic is featured on the cover, but we also have a rave review of B&O's groundbreaking BeoLab90 speaker, measurements of Auditorium 23's retro Cinema Hommage speaker, reviews of headphone amplifiers from Audeze and Woo Audio, and an interview with a veteran of both the audio and music industries, Joe Harley of AudioQuest and Music Matters.

Plus all the usual features, including Art Dudley trading in his antique Altec Valencia speaker for equally antique Altec Flamencos, and Robert Baird on jazz record labels and Allman Brothers reissues. Our first issue of 2017 is a keeper!

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Happy New Year!

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Jason Stoddard of Schiit claims that "you can't have too much power".

The BeoLab90 has tons of power, 8,200 Watts of it, phew. Annnnnnnnnnnnd, the darn thing is Ugly, it might be said that it's down-right ugly.

This kind of design doesn't come around every day, hmm, I wonder if the Mark Hotel NY,NY will up-grade their B&O stuff, in every room, so that the $5,000 Rooms will have the 90?

I'll bet my Wife's decorator will cringe when I show her a few "snaps" of this stuff.

What happened? B&O stuff always looked so cool.

Oh well,

Tony in Michigan

ps. Woo and Audeze headphone stuff, hmm, must read issue.