Focal Goes Wireless

Another big name makes the move into wireless speakers with Focal's announcement of the Easya. It is a floor-standing 2½-way system which comes as a pair, with its hub/controller and remote control, for just $1799. Available colors are a snazzy gloss white or black and it sports an inverted-dome tweeter and a pair of 5" polyglass-cone drivers. Inputs are TosLink, coax and USB inputs as well as analog. Better yet, it sounded like a Focal . . . but, look Ma, no wires!

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I assume the three digital inputs are on the hub, which would have some distance limitation from the speakers, and also would have some (CD quality?) limitation via the wireless protocol. I guess the analog inputs would also be on the hub, except that would mean the hub contains a DAC, which also would have some bit rate and sample specs. Or the analog input could mean you have an option to run speaker cable to the speaker, I suppose. I really don't know.

Whatever the thing is actually doing functionally that seems like a low price for Focal. It clearly says per pair for the $1800.

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Hub distance:  10meters without obstacles (supposedly very conservative), contains ADC but no DAC

Transmission digital via 2.4GHz, Kleer compatible, 16/44.1

USB, Coax, TosLink, BlueTooth inputs.  Also, analog at unspecced A/D

Not $1800 but $1799 per pair with hub as stated.

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Of course a single dollar is petty.

The basic functionality of a product is not.

Thanks for the revealing followup.