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Digitization Software ( Mac )

Hello All :

I am finally about to digitize all my Analog Audio Cassettes and LPs thus would like some recommendations on an Audio Application for the Mac to help me with the digitization -

Of all features looking at an application that will permit me to individually adjust and balance the Left and Right Channels ( in terms of output ie keep the "loudness" balanced between both the channels ), reduce the tape hiss/LP crack and pops and lastly save the file in the AIFF format..

These are my basic requirements - Anything above this that would help in the digitization process would not really be required..

Kindly make a few recommendations.



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Lots of choices!

The best suggestions for your question may depend heavily on your own comfort with audio software & audio editing.

You can start with something free — Audacity is free for the Mac, and it lets you adjust volumes / keep balance / and it even works with additional plug-ins that you can find for free (or for additional purchase) to do fancier tricks.

As for cleaning up clicks & pops... a lot of audio editors will tell you that the most accurate way to clean up pops & clicks (though also the slowest & most painstaking) is to use the "pencil tool" in your audio program. Audacity has the ability to do this — you can also see a video tutorial on YouTube if you search for "Audacity Pencil Tool"

If you are interested in spending a little money on an app that has really good automatic de-clicking / de-noising, then you could consider something like "iZotope RX", I use v7 (they're probably on v8 by now)... but it's incredible. That said, you need to learn a little bit about audio editing & audio processing to be truly effective with tools like this.

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