Dana Audio Model 1 loudspeaker Review Context

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The Dana loudspeakers were auditioned in my dedicated listening room with the following ancillary equipment: VTL 225W Deluxe monoblock power amplifiers, Esoteric D-10 and D-2 digital processors, a Theta DSPro Basic digital processor, and the Electronic Visionary Systems Stepped Attenuator, a passive control unit. The analog front end was a VPI HW-19 Jr. turntable with an AudioQuest PT-5 tonearm and Sumiko Boron cartridge. A new outboard phono preamp made by Precision Audio allowed me to use the passive control unit for both CD and LP playback.

Speaker cable was AudioQuest Green Hyperlitz, and interconnects were AudioQuest Lapis and Music Metre by Second Opinion Audio. Speaker stands included lead-shot–filled and spiked Celestion stands (I've found that the three words most likely to upset an audiophile's domestic tranquility are "carpet-piercing spikes.")—Robert Harley

Dana Audio
company no longer in existence

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what's the point of putting out these super old reviews ?.......just to make up the numbers eh......

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findcount wrote:
what's the point of putting out these super old reviews ?

To judge from the page views, there are other people who are not you who do enjoy reading these vintage reviews. You can always not read them if they bother you.

John Atkinson
Editor, Stereophile

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I bought this wonderful speakers by reading the review in Stereophile, when I studied in the US almost three decades ago. I also bought the
Vandy 2CE and quite a few of hi-fi equipments which were recommended by Stereophile before I came back to my home country.

Recently, I just came back to Hi-Fi. I can assure that my Dana speakers, not in 100% shape, still hold its own against my recently acquired Wharfedale Diamond 10.1. Both are very good speakers, but still not as good as Elac B5 and B6 (I bought both even before Stereophile reviewed the B6. I think B5 is almost as good as B6. They are almost identical, however, B6 seems easier to drive, maybe because of higher sensitivity.)

All in all, I still enjoy listening music with my Dana Audio model 1.

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That you should take care of the front end and associated electronics if you want a proper sound system. My loudspeakers cost me $650 new, coming up next year to their 20th anniversary. In the meantime, I have upgraded from a NAD receiver (bought at a pawn shop for $250) to some nice electronics, a REGA RP3 with some judicious upgrades and a DENON 103, and fine electronics in between. My system's MSRP comes out at something like $8000 ... although I bought many items used ... but those speakers are still there, and everything sounds very, very nice, thank you.