Dan D'Agostino Dems in Dallas Saturday

May 21, 2–6pm, Bill McKiegan, President of Sales at Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems, will be presenting a day of listening at Audio Concepts (11661 Preston Rd #280, Dallas, TX 75230) in Dallas, Texas. The featured system will include the new Momentum M400 mono amplifiers, Momentum Preamplifier, and Momentum Phonostage (above), driving Wilson Alexx loudspeaker and using the AMG Viella 12 turntable.

Also on display will be the Momentum MLife integrated amplifier, which has been recently upgraded to include Tidal streaming.

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Dan D'Agostino weren't much for looking at until they got their stands. Upon listening to him at Hi Fi Center I spoke with him regarding getting his heat-sinks cast (made) in gold, rather than copper.

I figured and explained that that way, the casual audio enthusiast like myself would allow himself to spend $42,000 on a pair of monoblock amps like the momentums - given the transitory nature of the technology - if it went along with a sunk purchase of gold sinks to give the kids. A pair of coppers could be included with each amp to allow for re-sale.

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I figured how much different could the thermal conductivity between gold and copper with relevance to his heat sink design and implication (application).

401 vs 318, it seems in W.m-1.K-1.

Now he's got the progression series in aluminum, for crying out loud.


The longer I look at it, the more his designs (later) are looking noble, though they sure looked like shit from the start.

I mean, cry me a river, but who goes from offering (under Krell) a beautiful amplifier like the MRA - 1400 lbs, 1000 watts and even the Krell Audio Standard to copper.

It's the +1 which I like, but my that copper does look so good! Beautiful metal.

Gorgeous curve on the stand. Heat sink too!

Look at how gorgeous, the top of the case.

Someone's gotta help him out (FrogDesign, BMW Design Works?) - and re-design the visual IO [interface] of his gear.

Oh well, it's his mind and his idea.