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Custom isolation setup. Need tips for tweaks.

I just had custom to their dimension 1.5” thick polished granite slabs made for every one of my components (Yamaha as801, Yamaha cdn301, Pro-Ject Carbon dc, Klipsch Reference Premiere 12” sub and Klipsch rp280f speakers. I originally started going on an isolation frenzy when my turntable had a serious bass feedback loop. I have ggtwo 1.5” slabs made for it. I haven’t been able to determine its effectiveness until the isolation spikes arrive in the mail. What I’m most curious about is my tower speakers. I’m getting a ton of vibration in my hardwood floors. The speakers are already on spikes, so my plan was to mount them on isolation spike seats on top of granite. Will this be effective in isolation and tightening up bass? I ordered a serious amount of isolation options including spikes,rubber bases and 2” bamboo cutting boards to fool around with. Any advice for mainly the speakers and turntable greatly appreciated. As for my CD player and integrated amp I figured just having them on granite and spikes would suffice. Not sure.

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