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Connecting Yamaha HS5 speakers to Yamaha R-N602

Hey guys. I want to connect my speakers and turntable (project debut carbon) to the receiver but I'm struggling to work out how I'd go about that. Any suggestions?

Kal Rubinson
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1. Connect the turntable to

1. Connect the turntable to the two phono input jacks on the receiver.
2. Connecting the speakers is a problem because you have powered speakers (with built-in amps) and they accept only line-level input. OTOH, your receiver has amps and outputs to drive unpowered speakers. Not a good match.
Option A: You can try to connect the speakers to the two "Line Out" jacks on the receiver but there is no info in the manual to indicate whether that output is controlled by the volume control in the receiver. If it is, good. If not, bad because you will have no VC and always be blasting.
Option B: Get a speaker-to-line level adapter to connect the receiver's speaker outputs to the RCA inputs on the speakers. This is workable but really far from ideal.
Option C: Replace the speakers with normal unpowered ones.

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