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Connect Spotify to Peachtree Audio Nova 150

Hi all

I have a Peachtree Audio Nova 150, which is connected to a large collection of flac files on a NAS via a streamer (sotm sms200). Now sometimes I prefer the ease of Spotify, I know many of you might not like it, but Tidal just is too expensive for me at this point. So I am looking for the best way to play Spotify through my Peachtree, meaning with the highest audio quality. I have thought of 2 options so far:

1) Play Spotify on the Samsung smart tv app, with my Smart TV being connected to the peachtree via an optical cable

2) Play Spotify on my iPad which I connect to the Peachtree using the USB-A port with Dy-NEC

I prefer using option 1, as option 2 restricts me from using my iPad in a flexible way, as it is connected to the peachtree all the time, but if option 2 will give better sound quality, I might use this option when I don't need to be working on the iPad

Thanks for any advice

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Upgrading the over-integrated...

The least complicated might be to stay within the OEM's overly integrated ecosystem. According to the information posted toward the bottom of the webpage at the following link, Peachtree will soon be offering a "Sky" upgrade for $125 installed including shipping both ways, for US customers. Not sure if the free shipping extends beyond CONUS. I suggest that you contact them.

Alternatively... In your situation, I would prefer to de-integrate much of the computer functionality to something separate and external (eg Raspberry Pi) that I could better manage without relying on the OEM to push a patch or physical upgrade.

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