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Combo Stereo Music and 5.1 Movie Systems

As someone new to hifi what do people recommend for stereo/5.1 movie combo systems? I have a pioneer elite receiver and pioneer Andrew Jones speakers and sub. I would like to upgrade my left and right speakers and get a decent amp for music listening but I want it to integrate with the surround system. Would a stereo amp be a bad idea due to different sound from the center channel? Are 3 channel amps the way to go for this type of setup? At some point I will probably upgrade the center channel as well so my LCR speakers will have similar sound.

I have been looking at KEF LS50s and rogue audio amps, Emotiva, anthem and lower priced prima luna amps. Most likely limited to bookshelf’s for my fronts. I might be starting with a speaker upgrade and then an amp later. KEF LS50s are a really good price right now so they look appealing.

Mostly looking for thoughts on system design rather than component recommendations but speaker/amp recommendations are welcome!


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