Classé goes class-D

Bowers & Wilkins and Classé were showing their wares in an elegant suite in the Mirage and there I finally got to see and hear Classé's first venture into class-D amplification, the CA-D200 (above). It certainly looked worthy of the family name and, via B&W 805D speakers and driven by the latest version of the CP-800, it produced a lovely sound, discernible even in this unfamiliar space. Classé's Dave Nauber said that it had some characteristics of tube amps as well as that of their solid-state amps, but we will have to await until a more formal audition to determine where it really fits. Certainly, there is great potential and, given its provenance, I do not anticipate it being just another class-D amp. Off to the side were prototypes of Classé's new Sigma line including a 2-channel amp, a 7-channel amp and an interesting preamp-processor at an attractive price.

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Nice modern look, still waiting to hear one!

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Oops!  I forgot to include the price:  $4000.