Carver Research Lightstar Reference power amplifier Specifications

Sidebar 4: Specifications

Description: Solid-state stereo power amplifier. Power output: 300W into 8 ohms (24.8dBW), 600W into 4 ohms (24.8dBW), 1200W into 2 ohms (24.8dBW). Frequency response: 20Hz–20kHz ±0.5dB. Full power bandwidth: 10Hz–20kHz. Channel separation: >60dB at 1kHz. Output impedance: ±0.04 ohms. Damping factor: >200, equivalent to an output impedance of less than 0.04 ohms. THD: <0.2%. Signal/noise ratio: low gain, 107dB; high gain, 98dB (A-weighted, referenced to rated power); low gain, 82dB; high gain, 73dB (A-weighted, referenced to 1W). Slew rate: >50V/µs. Input sensitivity: low gain, 1.74V RMS; high gain, 430mV RMS. Input impedance: 50k ohms. Power consumption per side: 60W at idle, 250W with musical program, 1440W nominal continuous.
Dimensions: 19" W by 6.9" H by 17.8" D with handles. Weight 72 lbs (net).
Serial number of unit reviewed: 947202005.
Price: $3995 (1995); no longer available (2018). Approximate number of dealers: 25. Warranty: 5 years, parts and labor.
Manufacturer: Carver Corporation, Lynnwood, WA 98036 (1995); Carver Corporation, Vancouver, BC V6C 1E1, Canada (1999); Hollund Industrial (2007, footnote 1).

Footnote 1: As of November 20, 2007, Carver Corporation was acquired by Hollund Industrial in a reverse merger transaction. In May 1999, Carver Corporation filed a voluntary petition under Chapter 11 seeking protection under federal bankruptcy laws. See and
Carver Corporation
Company no longer in existence (2018)

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"Blinded by the light" :-) ..............

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They've gota be the ugliest square waves I've ever seen from a solid state amp. With 1st overshoot ring on the trailing edge!!! What's that all about????

Cheers George

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I would be an avid reader of a column that “reviewed” vintage gear compared to current equipment. Yes, I know it would be tough making sure the gear was up to snuff based on age, but reading a comparison between a Sony CDP 101 and the current Rega would be fascinating.

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Beautiful looking amp. While I never had an opportunity to demo a Bob Carver amp per se, I did have a wonderful audition, with his 1st Sunfire amp in 1996.