Carver Research Lightstar Reference power amplifier Carver the Man & Carver the Company

Sidebar 1: Carver the Man & Carver the Company

For the benefit of those Stereophile readers who aren't fully up on industry scuttlebutt, here's the real scoop (or at least as much as I know) about Carver the Man and Carver the Corporation: Bob Carver founded Carver Corporation in the early 1980s and was its CEO for a number of years, eventually taking the company public. About two years ago, he left the Corporation on a year-long sabbatical, and ended up resigning in March 1994. There were suits and countersuits about financial matters, non-competition clauses, and patent rights. These legal issues have now been resolved—see "Manufacturers' Comments," March '95, reprinted below—and Carver Corporation is proceeding with its product development and marketing.

Carver Research, the high-end division of Carver Corporation, is devoted to the "introduction of leading-edge technologies in their most advanced form." According to Carver Research, Bob Carver was the person who came up with the original idea for the Lightstar, but the final product is the result of extensive development by a team headed by VP of Research and Development Jim Croft, an engineer with a long list of credits in audio and electronics design.

Bob Carver has a new company, which has introduced its own amplifier, the Sunfire. The Sunfire is conceptually similar to the Lightstar, but has followed a different path of development. In this review, all references to "Carver" are to the Corporation, not to the Man.—Robert Deutsch

Carver Corporation
Company no longer in existence (2018)

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"Blinded by the light" :-) ..............

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They've gota be the ugliest square waves I've ever seen from a solid state amp. With 1st overshoot ring on the trailing edge!!! What's that all about????

Cheers George

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I would be an avid reader of a column that “reviewed” vintage gear compared to current equipment. Yes, I know it would be tough making sure the gear was up to snuff based on age, but reading a comparison between a Sony CDP 101 and the current Rega would be fascinating.

Sign me up as a reader of the Anachrophile column!

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Beautiful looking amp. While I never had an opportunity to demo a Bob Carver amp per se, I did have a wonderful audition, with his 1st Sunfire amp in 1996.