Canlanta 2016 Kicks Off on Saturday

The inaugural Canlanta is being held this Saturday, May 21, 10am–6pm, in Atlanta, Georgia at the Marriott Century City. Twenty vendors will have the latest in latest in DACs, amplifiers, and headphones on display. Exhibitors will include Noble, Questyle, Oppo, Sennheiser, Kimber Kable, Empire Ears, Violectric, Meze, and Cavalli. National retailers include HeadphoneAudiophile and Sight+Sound Gallery.

Tyll Hertsens, editor-in-chief of Stereophile's sister site, will deliver the keynote speech and hold two "table sessions" in which he'll talk with show attendees. Oppo, Matrix, Sight+Sound Gallery, Kimber Kable, Norne, HeadphoneAudiophile, HeadAmp, Questyle, HeadSonix, and Meze have contributed raffle prizes for three raffles that will be held at the event.

General admission to Canlanta is only $5 (free for students, military, fire, and police personnel), and parking is free.

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... that Tyll has been doing a kick a$$ job over at Inner Fidelity. He covers both the art and the science aspects of cans and he just does an awesome job.