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Burson DA-160

I borrowed this DAC from a friend and got addicted. I just had to buy one for myself. What is so good about it ? As a guitar player I never got this close to the recording. Not only is it easy to sepperate each string, but I also hear every little nuance from lets say a guitar solo. This DAC does realy open the window to the recordings. I hope Sam will test it. He will love it for its musical true sound.

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Burson DA-160

Do you still recommend such dac or you got something that performed better?

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Still superb!

Built around Burson's own Op-amps, which have long been some of the best in the industry, all Burson products shun ICs and transformers to have a rich, tonally dense, very saturated and flowing sound. Only the volume control is a bit loud at each increment, which after seven years of use, is perhaps the only thing I don't like about my HA160D. I've heard their later products too, a Mytek Brooklyn DAC and a Benchmark in my system. They're both good but don't have the magic of this one. Burson's later DACs too are great, and the upgrade path inexpensive, but I didn't feel the need to because the HA160D was still so very good. I thought why take a chance missing out on the sheer tubey liquidity combined with the solid state grip of this one that I've grown so comfortable with. I use this with a Conrad Johnson Premier 11A as DAC and preamp, and I highly recommend it even today, with MQA and DSD on offer elsewhere. I believe that most people haven't heard CD (albeit at a mere 44khz 16bits) properly but want higher resolutions, which don't come out sounding quite right through the cheap tizzy transformers and ICs in their sometimes $5000-8000 DACs. You won't get good MQA at this price, but you can have gold up to 96khz-24 bit with this in a way you may not have heard, certainly at this price. It's pleasing like a great 1080p Plasma TV's picture, as opposed to an average 4K LED's. And yes, this runs in Class A, which can be appreciated after a brief warm up. It's perfectly reliable too. Well done, Australia!

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