Bryston's Model T speakers

Electronics manufacturer Bryston is going full-steam-ahead with their line of speakers, which continue to impress me. The system on demo at SSI 2014 had a pair of Model T Signatures in a stylish white finish. The Signature differs from the base model in having an outboard crossover, with a price difference of $1000 ($6495/pair vs $7495/pair).

Audio by Mark Jones's picture

but one of the best sounds at the show, way to go Bryston.

rschryer's picture

...especially in the sweet spot.

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i just got these a week ago,,, i know i am late to the movie,,,they r awesome!!!i am using audio note trans and cary amps and pre & dac to great results!! bryston might become more famous for there speakers then there amps in the end,,, well done!!! i will be buying there big boys soon !!great value,,, clean bottom end,,even better then my pmc's or kef's,even if they aren't pretty,,