Audio Events in Indianapolis Today through Sunday

Today through Sunday, November 9–12, Ovation Audio+Video (6609 East 82 Street, Indianapolis, IN 46250) is holding a 50th Anniversary Celebration. "Four fun days to taste, toast, and savor music, movies and the very best in high-performance stereo and video—with wine & cheese" they say!

Special guest Thursday evening will be Stereophile's and's own Michael Fremer. Fresh from the "Making Vinyl" event In Detroit, Michael Fremer will talking vinyl and playing records. The event tonight starts at 6pm, and Michael will be appearing at 7pm, followed by live demos featuring speakers from Magnepan, GoldenEar, and Paradigm, amps from Rogue, Bryston, and Krell, and turntables from Rega. For Thursday night's event only, please RSVP by calling (317) OVATION or emailing

Friday evening's event is called "All Things Klipsch and Wonderful." Craft beer and small bites will be served at 6pm and featured will be the Klipsch Atmos Home Theater Surround Sound Experience, the Klipsch horn-loaded Heritage Series loudspeakers, and the Klipsch Heritage HP3 headphones (a Herb Reichert favorite at last weekend's Capital Audiofest) and headphone amp—"Goosebumps guaranteed," says Ovation.

Saturday's event, running from 10am–6pm, is called "Hear It. See It. Love It!" and features wireless whole-house music systems from Klipsch and Paradigm, LG's new 4K OLED 65" TV, and headphones from Grado, Meze, Klipsch, and Paradigm. Sunday, from 12pm–5pm, will be "Shop 'Til You Drop," with anniversary specials.

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