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Art Dudley's Well-Tempered Record Player followup

I really enjoyed Art's initial article on the WTRP and the fact that it also made it back into the Recommended Components list. I've been a happy owner of the Well-Tempered Turntable Classic (the original, which is like a beefed up version of the Record Player Art reviewed)for almost 20 years now and it's operated flawlessly. I could add a number of thoughts on how great the 'table is but I wanted to address his concern about the platter's concave shape.

It was designed that way mostly to assist with record warping as he mentioned, but maybe he's missing the fact that it's easy to set the angle of the cartridge to match this shape. There is a knob atop the whole arm assembly that adjusts azimuth and in my experience this gives the cartridge a chance to be parallel to the record plane. I have to say that given that the WT Reference player has the conical platter too I have to believe it works in the way it should. In all the years I've had it I've never had it cause any negative effects I could see or hear with my LPs. A lot about the Well Tempered series defies convention and this is one aspect of several- an aspect that if every record you have is perfect might not get used much, but who doesn't have a fair amount of wobbly shaped records? Anyway- my two cents.

One added tweak about the platter. A year ago I put the Funk Firm's acromat on my platter and Wow! did it give me a quieter background and tighter bass line. A very worthy addition for those WTT owners who don't have the super exotic material Reference platter.

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