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Advice on upgrades

I'm a long time HiFi lover who's never been a member of a forum! Over the years I've owned everything from Wharefdale Diamond 2 and Linton 3XPs to Mordaunt-Short, Polk Audio, Tannoy, NAD, Rotel, Definitive Technology, Emotiva and more.

I'm lucky enough to have decided stereo and home theater setups, as well as a near field desktop setup for work, so my stereo kit doesn't need to pull double-duty. My stereo kit currently consists of:

  • Pro-ject Debut Carbon
  • Rotel RC-970BX
  • Rotel RB-980BX
  • Rotel RLC-900
  • Rotel RQ-970 (the phono stage on the RC is shot)
  • Custom build DAP with integrated DAC
  • Polk Audio RTi A7

I mostly play vinyl but the DAP gets some use.

My listing room is bigish (25' x 20') with tall ceilings and an open space behind the sweet spot.

Most of my equipment over the years has been budget, making because I haven't had the money to spend. That's recently changed and I'm looking for some upgrades, so now the fun begins!

I'm thinking about getting either the KEF R11 or B&W 702 S2. I've auditioned the B&W but not the KEF yet. However, I suspect my Pre/Power combo could probably do with an upgrade too, but I'm not sure which to do first. I've been considering adding a second RB-980BX and bridging them or replacing them with something else and I think the pre could do with an upgrade too, but I don't really know where to begin as soon as I move out of the budget arena. As you can probably tell, I've been a fan of Rotel for some time.

Right now, after the new speakers, I'm probably looking at spending about another $1,500 although I may be able to afford a little more if it means I can get the right thing. Any suggestions on what I should look to do first?

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I've just visited a friend who had bought a pair of PSB Imagine X2T floorstanding speakers for just under $2,000. I was amazed at the depth and clarity of sound. Spent hours just spinning Tatsuko Yamashita.

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