Added to the Archives This Week:

There is practically nothing that has set high-end audio on its collective ear like the article Jonathan Scull wrote back in 1994 on room-tuning devices from Shun Mook. Not only did some readers dog-pile J-10, but two other Stereophile writers, Barry Willis and Sam Tellig, decided to take on the challenge. Required reading for anyone who wants to know more about The Shun Mook Affair.

Just one year ago, Stereophile published Martin Colloms' overview of negative-feedback technology in audio amplifier design. We've also included follow-up letters from several readers and notable amplifier designers in A Future Without Feedback?

Tweak audio buff and theater projectionist Steve Guttenberg, and Joel Silver of the Imaging Sciences Foundation, duke it out in a prescient look at Home Theater's effects on the high-end audio market from January 1996. It's called Lights in a Box? We've also included a reaction from J. Gordon Curmudgeon Holt, and scores of letters from our readers.

To wrap up this week's Archive offerings, we bring you the second Records To Die For Stereophile published, way back in 1992. Discover sometimes startling insights into our writers' minds.