20,000 Facebook Fans

It's been getting closer and closer the past few days. But this morning, Stereophile's Facebook page got its 20,000th "Like."

Woo hoo!!!!

corrective_unconscious's picture

With the possible exception of the various infrastructures for genocide dreamed up over the centuries.

JUNO-106's picture

It is a cauldron of narcissistic indulgence mixed with half hearted family "updates", bragging, snark, baby pictures, useless political satire, and luke warm reconnections with people from the past that you don't really care about all while Facebook sells your data to the highest bidder.

ken mac's picture

NOW! I'll buy the first round of 20K 

Devil Doc's picture

And limiting my bitching and moaning on the Assylum.

Nothing on this green earth could get me to sign up for facebook.