Hot Damn, it's the June Issue

Chord's extraordinary DAVE—"Digital [to] Analog Veritas [in] Extremis (Truth in Extreme)"—D/A processor takes pride of place on its cover, but the June Stereophil is packed full of good stuff. Art Dudley reports on Peachtree's "Made in America" nova300 integrated amplifier; Herb Reichert and Jim Austin live with high-performance preamplifiers from PrimaLuna and PS Audio; Kal Rubinson checks out a two-channel AV integrated amplifier from Arcam; Ken Micallef reviews a truly loud speaker, the horn-loaded Rival from Volti; and Robert Baird listens to great-sounding vinyl reissues of recordings of the legendary pianist Bill Evans.

Along with these in-depth reviews, we have auditions of headphones from Sony and AudioQuest, the revised darTZeel preamplifier, and Shunyata's Denali AC conditioners, along with follow-ups on promising English speakers from NEAT and Wharfedale. Art Dudley restores a classic Altec drive-unit, Robert Baird discusses hi-rez downloads and streaming, and Jason Victor Serinus kicks the issue off with a look at why audiophiles need to achieve balance in their systems.

Available on newsstands, tablets, and mailboxes now, the June 2017 Stereophile is a keeper!

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I interrupted my projects and went straight to the Candy: JVS on How we see it & HR on the Prima Luna. Pretty darn good stuff.

To Sir JVS, Live Acoustic can't be replicated electronically, ( I've been trying for decades ). I've never heard any System that could thrillingly electrocute our Nervous System like a live Bow on a Cello String. Closest has been with HD Sennheisers but it isn't anything like sitting close to a String Quartet.

To HR: kinda wish that Prima Guy would've sent you some of his 'Super' Glass but then it would've become a 'Rolling' review instead of a Standard Trim Level review. I can feel your work pulling me into Prima Ownership. "That's what I want" is what I keep mumbling.

It's a kinda curious thing to notice how the Digital version reads differently than the Print version, I seem to get deeper understandings from Print.

Tony in Michigan

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What do you think of Candy & Candy? Are you into interior decorating?

All kidding aside, how is Detroit Rock City?

I agree with you that Prima Luna makes some tube electronics that, in looks, even a fan of classic Krell or Threshold, can well appreciate.

Here in Vancouver, I heard them with Quad Electrostats and KEF Reference Loudspeakers, and found them - for that task, underpowered, personally.

Be sure you try them with your choice of speakers, and listen to tracks and levels you love.

If you get the chance to listen to Focal Scalia Utopia speakers with chamber music or jazz combo music, or the Focal Grande em iii speakers with orchestra music, and try not looking at the speakers... just turn your head to the side, you may disagree.

I heard to my ear what I feel live instruments that I know, sound like.

If you try a good loudspeaker of today, like the B&W 800 D3 loudspeaker, you will hear what recorded music sounds like, IMO.

So you can hear the microphones and guitar cabinets, effects, and pickup slash studio techniques of the 1950s etc. well reproduced, today.

I have tubes here in my Stax Headphone amplifier, but aside from some mic preamps and one toy Chinese headphone amp, that's about it.

Always liked that CAT preamp though, and the mono amps by cat look awesome and would use. Same with the old Jadis 800s.

Oh and that one guy with the huge tubes in his amps ... KR Research? ... definately looks interesting from the perspective of collecting.

So how is the land of Michael Moore and that what's his nut, politician?

The fan of Trump, lol.


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Ah, Chris Christy!

And the land of, lest we not forget, Jersey Shore?

Forgive me, Tony, but do you like soprano music, by the way?

I studied with a lovely lady, Larissa Divakova, but could never hit all the notes. Not quite a soppranino, but more of a Tenor.

All, those Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, and Carras ... chums.

Stereophile uses to record some great albums with B&K mikes, the same brand favoured by that trio in the heyday for their comeback to Opera tour.

What I would really love to hear was that RCA loudspeaker used in their studio for tri-aural playback, which resembled a flower. Apparently just amazing!!!

What I am dancing around is the name of the movie set in Michigan which features a cover band rock singer joining his favourite band as a stand in, but the name alas escapes me.

I've been reading your posts lately, and have really enjoyed your cognoscenti perspective!

All hail, Tony, and lest we not forget, Tony Montana!!!

My Tony award totally goes to you.

Just saying hi, lol.

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"I told her to shush her smart-ass mouth. "These are serious British-made high-end audiophile speakers...."" Boy, that sounds like a fairly hefty dose of mansplaining to me. And we wonder about the death of so-called High-end audio? Audiophilia lies along the spectrum of all-male bastions fitting somewhere between stag parties and strip clubs. Dare I say there's more feminists in a strip club? Why alienate what could compromise a significant audience, adding to the roster of what seems to be a dying breed-the audiophile? What are the editors thinking?

Several years ago in a small club in Brooklyn the violinist, Jenny Scheinman asked me about an amplifier she was considering. I forgot the rest of the conversation save for the observation, "Say, girls are interested in audio." ["Girls" substituted for dramatic effect..] Women of the world, join in!

Herb Reichert's picture

Dear Sir,
I just now read that intro again (with bb and Casey), and even though that interlude is only 70% a true story, we all agreed that "...shut you smart-ass mouth" is way too strong. If I had a do-over I would tone it down some. My only excuse: I chose those words for "dramatic effect" and bb reminded me that Casey, who we both love is a VERY strong woman - not one who suffers mansplaining from anyone. (However, calling a fine loudspeaker a "lawn dwarf" IS insulting to the speaker's designer.)

Like with cars, watches, and cigars --- women participents in high end audio are few and far between. That being said, my personal "Herb" goal is to be that singular audio reporter whose writing appeals to women and "girls" of all ages and social classes.

Going forward, I promise to create and edit my work with an even greater emphasis on feminine viewpoints.